X-Cross adhesion support system for vehicles, smooth surfaces and large loads

The X-Cross carrier system is the solution for attaching various devices to smooth metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The new universal carrier system for vehicles, smooth surfaces and large loads is designed for a maximum pull/holding force of 450 kg with its five-point holding system.

Base carrier with optional accessories

Surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass and aluminum etc. are suitable as a base. The system consists of a base support (base area 50x50cm or 60x50cm) and adapter plates to accommodate different devices and holders. The base carrier can be installed quickly and easily without tools. Indicators show the state of adhesion at any time.

Devices with standard pins (lamps, headlights), screw anchors (pan-tilt heads, vehicle ladders) or different camera mounts can be mounted. Further adapter plates are manufactured on request.

Example 100X-Kit

The product is an in-house development by LORACS GmbH and has been available in different versions since February. Initial customer tests confirm the enormous and lasting adhesive force.

A smaller four-point system (see picture) successfully completed tests off-road and on dirt roads up to 40 km/h and on paved roads up to 90 km/h (vehicle-related).

The basic systems are built in aluminum or for special applications in V4A (salt water resistant). The X-Cross systems are suitable for offshore, marine and land-based applications, and optionally for underwater applications.