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NEW: Telescopic Light Towers with Interchangeable Battery - Sturdy, Lightweight, and Versatile

The LED telescopic light poles with replaceable battery are the perfect solution for all your lighting needs in different environments. Whether you need to illuminate a construction site, an outdoor event or an emergency scene, these light poles provide you with a reliable and flexible lighting solution and with up to 11,000lm.

The stability of a telescopic system is crucial to ensure that it remains stable even under adverse conditions. Thanks to its robust design and solid base, the LED systems stand securely and firmly without tipping over or moving.

The light towers' low transport weight makes them extremely easy to transport. They can be effortlessly moved from one location to another and carried over long distances. This makes them ideal for use in various work areas and situations.

The Multicharger option allows you to charge multiple batteries using both solar energy and AC/DC current.

Benefit from the unique reliability, flexibility, and user-friendliness during your operations!

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